Portaband Pro Features

  • Allows your portaband saw to be used as a chop saw.
  • Allows your portaband saw to be used as a vertical band saw.
  • Optional slide-in table provides a large work surface in the upright position.
  • Quick Release Gas Spring controls the weight of the saw.
  • Top Adjuster Plate helps align the blade, as needed.
  • Base Hinge Adjustment helps align saw to base, as needed.
  • On/Off Trigger Switch Assembly allows for hands free operation.
  • Tool-less Adjustable Fence, for miter cutting.
  • Cord Storage for A/C powered saws.


  • Can be Used as a chop saw and as an upright band saw.
  • 100% Sparks-Free. “hot-permit” not needed.
  • Less noisy than an abrasive chop saw.
  • Removal of saw parts not required for installation.
  • Fence adjustment for miter cutting requires no tools.
  • Blade changes do not require removal of saw from the Portaband Pro.
  • Easily used on the tailgate of a truck.


  • Milwaukee 6232 and 2729
  • Dewalt DWM120


  • Fencing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical – EMT – Conduit
  • Hydraulic Hose – Field Service
  • Off-Road Fabrication
  • Solar Installation
  • Garage Door Track
  • Tabs – Gussets
  • Hot Rod & Restoration-Mod Suspension
  • Anything Else You Need to Cut!
Portaband Pro Documentation (PDF)