Portaband Pro Dewalt DWM120 Jig

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The Portaband Pro PBP-DEWALT fits the DeWalt Bandsaw DWM120 only.

(Be sure to check that you have compatible model number!)

Portaband Pro is the only bandsaw holding device that turns your Portable Bandsaw into a Chop Saw and into an Upright Bandsaw. It easily attaches to your bandsaw without having to remove any saw parts.

Features and Advantages include:

  • Quick-release Gas Spring, which eliminates head-weight.
  • 3-point Blade Adjustment.
    1. Top Adjuster Plate used to straighten blade.
    2. Base Hinge Adjustment used to straighten blade.
    3. Five arm knobs used to straighten blade.
  • Trigger Switch Assembly for safety and hands-free operation.
  • Adjustable Fence for miter cutting.(max 3" at 45 degree's)
  • 100% spark-free.
  • Quieter than an abrasive Chop Saw.
  • Steel construction with a powdercoat finish.
  • Blade changing does not require removal of bandsaw from Portaband Pro.
  • Can be mounted to the bed of a truck.
  • Cord Storage Space for A/C power bandsaw.

Optional Bolt-on Vertical Table to provide for larger work surface area when being used as upright bandsaw.

Optional C-clamp to use as holding device, when being used as a chop saw.

Portaband Pro DeWalt Installation Instructions (PDF)