Portaband Pro Deluxe Kit for Milwaukee 6232, 6238 and 2729

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Portaband Pro PBP-MILWAUKEE fits the Milwaukee Deep Cut Portable Bandsaw #6232, 6238 (corded), #2729 (cordless) models only.

(Be sure to check that you have compatible model number.)

Portaband Pro is the only portaband stand that turns your Portable Bandsaw into a Chop Saw AND an Upright Bandsaw. It easily attaches to your bandsaw without having to remove any saw parts.




Features and Advantages include:

  • Quick-release gas shock, which eliminates head-weight.
  • 3-point blade adjustment.
    1. Top Adjuster Plate used to straighten blade.
    2. Base Hinge Adjustment used to straighten blade.
    3. Five arm knobs used to straighten blade.
  • Trigger Switch Assembly for safety and hands-free operation.
  • Adjustable Fence for miter cutting. (max width 3" at 45 degrees)
  • 100% spark-free.
  • Quieter and cleaner than an abrasive Chop Saw.
  • Steel construction with a powdercoat finish.
  • Blade changing does not require removal of bandsaw from Portaband Pro.
  • Can be used on the tailgate of a truck.
  • Cord Storage Space for A/C power bandsaws.

Included Slide-in Table provides for larger work surface area when being used as upright bandsaw.

Included C-clamp holds material securely when being used as a chop saw.

Portaband Pro Milwaukee Installation Instructions (PDF)

Portaband Pro Vertical Table Instructions (PDF)